Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playing Catchup...

Overheard in the car on Friday morning:
LLB said, "I hope HP doesn't poke me today. He pokes me all the time!"
"Do you think he does it 'cause he likes you?"
"Ach! No! He does it 'cause he likes to annoy me!"

A few minutes later I say, "You know you have the cotillion ball on Sunday."
"Huh? This Sunday? Like in 2 days Sunday?"
"Do I have a dress?"
"Yes. Remember... D sent one for you."
"Oh... yeah..."
"OMG! if HP pokes me at the ball it's all over!"
"LLB... What's all over?"
"I dunno. It just sounds good."

She's got a point there...

The church ladies came. My house was not perfect, but it was clean and welcoming. I even put luminarias out along the walkway. The food was great. The purse game was very fun and we spent so much time looking for goodies that we didn't need the second game. (Renee sent me rules for a game that I'll use next time!)

On Friday, the phone company came and trenched the Grandbugs phone line. It's underground now and not draped along the fence line. It's lovely, but guess who now has no phone. Yes.. that would be ME!

I called Verizon and asked when they would be out to repair their mess. Do you know when they are coming? Go ahead. Take a guess...

TUESDAY! How am I supposed to live without a phone until TUESDAY? Know what my other choice is? April 5th.

They said they would transfer my house phone to my cell phone so we could still receive calls. That's lovely, but they transposed the numbers... I wasn't getting any calls. One of the church ladies clued me in, thank heavens!! I called Verizon back. They fixed the number, but didn't put a 1 infront of the number... Guess what people got when they called? NOTHING! Well, they got "Please dial a 1." That's fun... After the 3rd call to Verizon, it's been fixed. I hope. If you don't get me on the phone... just email me. :-)

So today is the ball. I'll fill you in later...


craziequeen said...

Ooh, I cnanot wait to see the photos and hear all about the cotillion......

[claps hands excitedly]


Nicole said...

Phone companies suck!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Lady Bug, I would love to know what that PURSE GAME is because I am ALWAYS needing games for our neighborhood get togethers here and I AM THE ONE who has to find them!! I hate that part but love doing the games...Sandy

Unknown said...

What a phone number nightmare!

Sounds like your daughter may have a beau.