Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bird...

That's what we sing to celebrate birthdays in our house... Yes, we are odd and we know it.

Today is Mr.'s birthday! He celebrated with his Mom and his siblings. He has been eating all the things he loves - smoked meat sandwiches, Labatt's Bleu, and the barbecue chicken that is nothing like the BBQ we serve in the states. (It's so much better!!)

Happy Birthday, my sweet husband!!

We spent the day shopping til we dropped and even had time to hit my favorite dollar store. FYI: I only spent $24 in the dollar store!! That's good for me up here where the dollar store is huge and has totally different things in it than dollar stores in the US. I got a few things for #1. I got some earrings for LLB - to replace the very expensive one she lost somewhere in the car on the way up... (Don't ask... Just know I was NOT happy to find out that one half of a $80 pair of earrings was missing...)

I'm currently ensconced in my BIL's computer corner happily typing like a maniac! The rest of the so-called adult gang is watching the CFL and having a great time hollering at the screen. I like football, but I would much rather tell you what is going on...

My BIL has a humungo dog, Einstein the mastiff, whose head is bigger than LLB's! Einstein and LLB are up on the roof deck sitting in front of the fire pit and relaxing. They are hysterical. I'd take a picture, but the camera is in the car two flights down... You know the minute I head out to the car, Einstein will figure out that someone is moving and will investigate thus ruining any chance I had at a picture.

Tomorrow we are meeting Mr.'s high school chum and his wife for lunch. We haven't seen O and P in years - like since #1 was 2 and LLB was a tiny infant. The children have changed in that time - well, they've gotten a little taller... It should be a fun lunch full of laughs and chatter.

The game is over and I need to run!


Jane said...

Sounds like you are having fun. I have been playing catch up, so I enjoyed reading several of your previous posts.
I think I would take exception with that camp giving me back such strange creatures. Unless of course, they are better than what you had!!!! (JK)
Thanks for the smiles this morning and I hope you continue to have a great time up there!

Melanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Bug! :)