Monday, July 16, 2007


We have been playing tourist while up here in the Great White North. Today we went to Mr.'s Alma Mater - McGill University. We had a great time wandering the campus and visiting one of the museums.

Then we went to Saint Joseph's Oratory at the top of Mount Royal. It was a picture perfect day and I will post once I am home and can download the pix. I got some really neat pictures!! We were way up on the top of the mountain and the sky was perfect! Those of you who know me personally can expect a huge folio on Snapfish!

Tonight we are doing burgers and dogs at the BIL's house. Tomorrow we head south of the city to the other BIL's house for drag racing and more excellent chow! We are also going to pick up some pastry for Gram and Grandpa as they have been holding down the fort at home and deserve a little something for their efforts. :-)

We start the long ride home on Wednesday morning. Everyone has had a wonderful time, but we are all ready to be back in our own beds with our own pillows. LLB has been a pretty decent bed-mate, but I am really getting sick of being kicked in the butt every night. I think Mr's tossing, turning, and snoring is going to be a welcome change (for the first night anyway...)

So.. I should be back to some reading and writing by Friday. My SIL is coming back with us. It seems she didn't get enough exercise while biking PEI for 10 days and she and her significant other want to pedal through northern VA for a few days. We found them a wonderful bike trail that starts close to the house and finishes at our favorite winery. Mr. and I will NOT be biking with them, but we will be sitting on the veranda sipping wine while we wait for them to arrive. They also want to tour DC and since we never go to the city, we thought we might actually take the children and see some sights. Polo is also on the agenda. I can't even wait to see what they think of that!!!

I best be going. I have used as much bandwidth as I can without making a total pig of myself....

See you all soon!!


Melanie said...

Sounds as though you had a wonderful trip! Have a safe trip home!

Susan said...

I just typed a response and lost it...GRRR!!

Glad you all are having a good time. I am just checking in on all the blogs during my one day at home before I leave again on Saturday.

You're keeping up your reputation for being busy busy busy even while you're away!!

:-) Susan