Sunday, July 08, 2007

Letter from Camp

LLB and #1 are at summer camp.

#1 told me not to pack any writing supplies for him as he was not going to write a note, a letter, a word... In other words, "you won't hear from me because I'll be too busy having fun with my friends..."

LLB sent us a note - a two pager thankyouverymuch.

The two sentences that said it all are these:

"The food is turific!" (She still can't spell!)

"I'm having the best time of my life!!"

BTW: There is nothing in there about her brother, so I'm assuming he is fine.


Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by:) Our kids didn't go to camp this year. Am sort of glad,I miss them too much.
Stop by again any time:)

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

LOL cute!

Melzie said...

No news is good news! LOL! Glad she's having a most fabulous time though!!!

Melli said...

Huh. The first time Amanda went away to camp I only let her go for one week and by the time I received the first letter she'd written she was already complaining about how cruel I was to have made her come HOME after only a week! The NEXT year she went for two weeks! Camp is SO fun!

Melanie said...

Long time since I have been here and the kids are away! Well you got a note which is wonderful! Glad she is having so much fun. Hopefully #1 will jot down something to send your way before the time is over!