Sunday, July 01, 2007

Polo, Potties, and People

We went to polo again last night.
I do love to go to polo on a gorgeous cool night.

The polo matches were very exciting this week. The ponies were fast and there were some really terrific shots (and misses). One poor girl couldn't hit the side of a barn, but ended up getting the last goal of the evening.

LLB told us she wants to try polo. Of course she does.

Anyway... #1 was standing just behind my chair asking me a question during the break between matches. He hadn't said a complete sentence when this white haired gentleman came over and asked if he could sit down. #1 was very respectful, apologized, and knelt down. (Not that there was much to see at that point... The "zamboni" was in the process of cleaning up the arena. Maybe the guy likes to watch the tractor go around...) We thought the man had a chair right behind us. Alas, when we looked, his chair was to the left and a little in front of us... Then we noticed that there were people standing all over the place. He didn't ask them to sit down... #1 isn't that tall... What.ever.

Note to self: Purchase another folding chair so that #1 will have a place to sit when he wants to ask me a question.

The porta potties were wonderful... Just so you know. They usually have the ugly green ones, but this week they had silver ones. They had lights and fans that went on automatically when you stepped inside, real porcelain bowls, TP, sinks - complete with soap, and paper towels. Well... let me rephrase that... The first time I used the potty, it had soap and water but no paper towels. The second time I went, I used a different potty and it had paper towels and soap, but no water. I discovered it had no water AFTER I covered my hands in soap. Yup.. that was pleasant.

Note to self: Put hand gel in pocket - do NOT leave it in the car.

We had excellent snacks, complete with sushi. Yummm!!! The mimosas flowed freely -- almost too freely. At one point, my cup was empty. I asked Mr. who was driving home. He assured me that he was. I then handed him my cup and asked him to fill it. When this Ladybug got home, she did not pass go... she did not collect her $200... she went straight to bed. Thankyouverymuch.

Note to self: It's okay NOT to finish that last mimosa...


Melli said...

Yea... or the last glass of wine either. I learned THAT last Friday night... I'm wondering why I'm still learning this at almost 50!

Susan said...

Yep...I'd have a hard time leaving some mimosa in a glass! But, I love that kind of sleep...I think you deserved every last minute of it, too!

Glad you had fun. I have never even seen Polo played except glimpses when they show the royals attending matches. I'd love to watch.

:-) Susan

Katherine said...

Wow, polo! You've gone "high class" in my absence. :) Sounds like a lot of fun! said...

Well, that was a fun post!! You made even the stuff that wasn't much fun, funny!