Sunday, October 07, 2007

Miss Me?

Where have I been? The question should really be: where haven't I been?

Let me give you a quick synopsis of my week since Tuesday night's Vestry meeting.
Wednesday: Book fair volunteer at 8am. Home for a quick shower. Off to store with Mr. to get present for birthday parties LLB will be attending this weekend. Then off to teach class. Back to middle school to get LLB from her Leadership Club meeting. Arrive home at 5. Make gravy and rice while Mr. runs off to get #1 from Band. Carve chicken so we can have dinner at 6:30 - open presents, help with homework, crash in bed by 9:30.

Thursday: Laundry - 1 load only. Get Mr. set up to paint trim in LLB's room. Off to MS to select books for classrooms from PTO. Lunch with girls. Home to get Gram then off to HS to get #1. Take 15 min. to figure out how to release #1 from grips of high school. (He's my kid, dammit! Give him back!!) Off to MS to get LLB. Fly to dentist. 4 appointments at 4pm. Children = No cavities. Gram and me = one filling replacement each. Head for home. Grab meal for LLB. Drop her at Ballet. Grab meals for Grambug, Grandpa and #1. Drop them at home. I go to bell rehearsal. Mr. picks up LLB after ballet so I can go home and help #1 with Spanish. Crash in bed at 9:30.

Friday: Laundry - 1 more load. Skip exercise class. Just want to stay home. Start web site for strawberry festival. Balance checkbook. Pay bills. Wrap gifts. Run to private school after discovering Handbell Festival info needs to be postmarked by that day. Try to get check. Get LLB from school. Mail check and info. Drop LLB at birthday party. Head to football game. Work concession stand, take pix, cheer like crazy person, help clean up and eventually take #1 home. In bed by 11:30.

Saturday: Send #1 and Mr. off to band competition. Pick up LLB from sleepover. Clean kitchen. Laundry - lots of laundry. Watch 2 Jackie Chan movies with LLB while eating popcorn and chocolate (I had seltzer to drink -- no calories there at least!). Send LLB for a nap. Put bow on present. Take LLB to party. Off to shopping to see if we can find Grambug a phone. None at Target, but we got some great deals on other stuff - 10 notebooks for 25 cents, curling ribbon for $1.38, tissue paper to match ribbon for $1.38. Quick dinner at Thai place - YUMMM!!. Pick up pix of LLB and Zeb so we can finish project on Sunday. Stop at Walmart to pick up phones. Back to get LLB from party. (It is now 9:45pm). Head for home. Change bed linens. Fall into bed at 11:00. Mr. and #1 arrive home at 2:45am.

Sunday to do: Type post. Play bells at church. Help LLB and #1 with projects. Finish laundry. Take walk with Mr. and dog. :-)

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