Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1 Yesterday, #1 turned 15! OMG! Where DOES the time go?

2 LLB is only one point ahead of Kay in the race for Band Student of the Year. LLB is ahead because she plays well. Kay is only one point behind because of her extra credit attendance at music events. Grrrrr....

3 That said, LLB will be attending the Homecoming game and 1/2 time show tomorrow night for a few extra credit points. She will also be attending the competition at Annapolis next week.

4 LLB gave up a birthday party - her choice - to attend the Homecoming game tomorrow.

5 This award means a lot to her. She wants it BAD!!!

6 #1 has decided to go out for swim team this fall. That starts right after Marching Season is over.

7 He will practice every day right after school, but will be done at 4. He will be home an hour and a half earlier than he is now. What is he going to do with all of his free time??

8 LLB is taking her Arban's Method for Trumpet to school today. She has a duet in there that she wants to play for the Winter Concert. She is so cute! She wants to ask the band teacher to play it with her.

9 LLB is really doing well with her trumpet. She was practicing last night and #1 said, "Wow! She's really good. Her sound is soo clear! She's better than the trumpet line at the high school."

10 It's so nice to hear that he appreciates her efforts. I just wish he'd practice like she does. He's an awesome sax player, but there is always room for improvement...

11 I have a dentist appointment today.

12 Mr. has to give blood today. He has a special kind of blood and was asked to give for a specific patient in PA. Isn't that cool? I think it's neat that you can save someone's life with less than an hour of sitting still. He's more than happy to do it.

13 Another busy week is coming to a close... I'm ready to sit back and relax this weekend. We have one party to attend - Clearly's Birthday Party. Go give her some love on Saturday, k?

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Renee Nefe said...

Happy Birthday to #1 your not so little baby. They do grow up too quickly. Just yesterday I had to punish DD for her attitude with me.

And YAY to LLB for her great acomplishments in Band. It's so great that all her hard work and practicing is going to be rewarded.

One of these days I need to figure out where the blood bank is so I can do that again. I used to donate all the time before I got married but slacked off when we moved to TX...the needles were much bigger there! LOL.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your oldest. My oldest turned 15 in July and all he can think about is when he can legally drive.
Congrats to LLB on her ambition and commitment to band.
Nice T13

Cindy said...

I think that's wonderful, that Mr. is willing to donate his blood.

Also, your children sound very talented...awesome. :)

Good luck at the dentist.

MaR said...

Oh, my little one is 19+!! happy bday to your 15 yo!!
You sound busy as always. I still have to do some Halloween research here, I don't think it's very big with the small kids, the older ones have big parties.
I have never donated blood...because they won't let a tiny person like me (5'2 and 110) do that... but I think it is a great thing!!!
Happy thirteening!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to #1. They do grow up FAR too fast, don't they? Sounds like you have been busy. But how can you not be with kids in the house...!

Montserrat said...

That's great about Mr. giving blood. And I hear you on how fast the time flies, my oldest will be twelve on Monday.

Susan said...

YES the time does FLY by. Happy Birthday to your son. I am hoping that LLB gets that award. I know she works so hard at being a musician.

Have a FANTASTIC and RESTFUL weekend.

:-) Susan