Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's with the morning rush??

Why is it that #1 waits until the last second to get his teeth brushed and face washed? The bus comes at 6:36. Sometimes she comes at 6:34. We NEED to leave the garage at 6:30 to catch that bloomin' bus...

This morning, I look at the clock - it says 6:34.
Where is #1?
He is in the bathroom. He is primping. (He says he was shaving, but I didn't hear the all too familiar buzz going...) We don't have time for this!
I yell at him to hurry - waking up LLB in the process. This irritates me...
He hops in the car and says, "Mom, it's 6:34. What's your problem?"
"#1, I can't take you to school. It's too far. I won't make it back for LLB."
"Mo-om, the bus comes at 6:36. We have plenty of time."
"Really? You think?"
Our neighbor, who has a daughter in 11th grade, was flying down the road just in front of us. He started to turn his car around at the bus stop (to head back towards home... we all do it) when the lights of the bus came up over the hill. I did a quick u-turn - using part of a lawn to do it. The neighbor did the same thing.
#1 said, "Umm... thanks Mom."
"No problem. Be ready tomorrow, now go!!!"
What time was it? 6:36am.
That child best be ready at 6:25 tomorrow morning or else...

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