Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. #1 got his first high school report card this week and there was a big fat 4.0 on it! Yippee for #1! He works very hard and we are soo proud of him. (They get report cards every 4.5 weeks.)

2. There is another band competition this week. Mr. and #1 are going. It's in VA Beach. I wish I could go, too...

3. I have a board meeting for my handbell guild this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing all those Ding Dongs again! One of my assignments was to read a book about boards... can you say boring!! Actually some of it was interesting, but... talk about dry reading!!

4. I need to bring some munchies and maybe a beverage or two with me since we are staying over night. I'm thinking that a bottle of Naked Mountain Chardonnay might be yummy. If you ever get a chance to try any of Naked Mountain's wines - do it! They are all terrific. I found some in a tiny grocery store near here... Yummm.

5. I have been to Jazzercise every day this week and I'm going again today. MommaK is going to be so proud of me. She's my instructor. She hurts me, but it's okay.

6. After Jazz, I'll be home. I'll be doing laundry and packing my suitcase.

7. Our kitten is a hellion! She torments the other cat. She teases the dog. She climbs my curtains. She tries to eat LLB's homework...

8. Zebbie is having quite a time with the kitten. Poppy teases him and then wonders why he chases her. Zeb is getting a lot of exercise!!

9. Poppy also finds her own tail fascinating. It is a very long tail for such a small kitten. She will catch sight of it out of the corner of her eye and pounce on it. She is always surprised when she bites it and it hurts! It's pretty funny!

10. Zebbie is off to school on Monday for one class period. LLB had to train him to come for her science class. (They are learning about behavior.) Too bad I can't train her to keep her room clean.

11. My handbell class went really well yesterday. I was down to 7 ringers, but the class dynamic was totally different with two of the 8th graders missing. Hmmm.... They had an excellent rehearsal, they all played well, they were attentive... Amazing how that happens...

12. My handbell class also has a lot of performances coming up. Three of them are near Christmas, so I can use a lot of the same music. Do you think the parents will mind hearing "Sing We Now of Christmas" and "Jolly old Saint Nicholas" at two of the performances?? (There won't be parents at the 3rd performance. Lucky me!) They can only learn so many tunes in a limited amount of time...

13. I've been so busy, I haven't had time to comment on a lot of your posts, but I am reading them when I have the time. If anyone can help me get Dixie's blog to load on my machine, I'd appreciate it. I can't get it to load and it freezes my computer. I love to read Dixie... I've tried netscape, firefox, and explorer to no avail... This happened a while ago with Yellow Rose, too. :-(

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Yuriko said...

Great you went to Jazzycise :) Have more fun next week!