Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The End...

We arrived back in town on New Year's Eve... We all had empty refrigerators and empty stomachs, so we thought we'd stop at our favorite local burger joint for a quick bite. After which we'd hit the grocery store across the street for milk, bread, eggs, and oj.

We pulled up and the place was empty but open. Mr. ran in to make sure they were indeed open. And they were. Except that when we went to place our order, the guy at the counter told us that they were closing at 8. (It was 7:45.) There was no sign on the door. There was nothing to indicate that that indeed was the case. He told us we could take out. We had no choice... we said okay.

Mr. ran off to get the groceries while I waited for the food with Grandpa. We put everyone else back in the car because they were seated under suitcases and such. We can't waste time getting into the car! We were hungry!!

While we were waiting, another couple came in. They were told - at exactly 8pm - that they couldn't order because the place was closed. Nothing like turning the paying customer away!!!

We got home and swilled down our food. It was delicious! Gram's burger was rare - exactly the way she likes it. She enjoyed every bite... Unfortunately, it didn't like her and 2 hours later, it came back.

Now, that's a really crappy way to end a vacation!

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