Friday, January 23, 2009

Listen to this...

Last night we had the news on while we were preparing dinner.
All of sudden I was jerked out of my pouring drinks coma by the latest Obama tax "initiative".
It seems that if you don't pay income tax, you can get a refund.
So, I do pay in, but I don't get a refund. You don't pay in and you get one?
Sorry - does not compute.
How, pray tell, is THAT going to work?
If you don't pay in, how can you get a refund? That makes absolutely no sense what so ever.
Besides -
You can't have your goes out ofs be higher than your goes intos.
That's basic accounting.

Oh - that's right - he's going to raise my taxes and spread my hard earned cash around... And then he's going to tell me that I'm getting a tax break.

Yeah... not.

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