Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things Ladybug is Thinking About Today

1. Mr. is home from the great white north. He arrived last night.

2. His flight landed 20 minutes early. Unfortunately, he sat in the plane at the gate for 45 minutes because they couldn't find a stairway. (Personally, I found the whole thing quite funny.)

3. I made a banana bread yesterday. It is gone. All eaten up by two kids who obviously need me to make banana bread more often.

4. I tried the Y*plait whips yogurt. The lemon meringue tastes just like lemon meringue pie! It is yummy!!!

5. We had a 2 hour delay today. It sure was nice to sleep in.

6. It's sad that the only time I get to sleep in is during a school delay.

7. We are thinking about going night skiing this weekend. Anyone interested in joining us?

8. It's going to be cold, but that's okay.

9. It's still warmer here than in Montreal!

10. Mr. says it's good for him to go there because it makes him appreciate how nice and warm?? it is here.

11. I got the summer camp information yesterday. Yikes the prices have sky rocketed.

12. I sure hope the church has some scholarship money...

13. #1 is going to volunteer for the special needs camp again. He enjoys those kids and that camp so much. That's wicked cool!

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