Friday, January 16, 2009

Plants and Stuff

I know it is January. I know it is cold. Yes, I know I can't grow squat.
I have a friend who has developed this website and I thought you all should go visit it. It is called Learn2Grow.

This is the perfect website for those who are beginning gardeners as well as for those who actually have clue. They have this newsletter that you sign up for and once a week you get tips on plants and stuff.

They even have a section for projects that you might want to tackle - even kids projects. Take a peek.

This week's tips were on how to keep houseplants alive - yes, I know I need this - how to plan your garden, what trees are good, what flowers are good... and more.

My favorite part of the site is where they tell me what I'm supposed to be doing now based on where I live. This is just terrific!!

Please go and sign up - it's free!

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