Saturday, January 03, 2009

Next Stop...

The Colorado Train Museum!Mr. was like a kid in a candy store. He LOVES trains!
It was a very cold and blustery day, but Mr. was out there crawling all over the trains, taking pictures, and simply enjoying himself.

We saw all kinds of trains! Big ones and little ones. Garden trains and miniature trains. It was a terrific spot - it would have been much better on a warmer day, but beggars can't be choosers. This is a picture of Mr.'s favorite train - it had huge wheels - taller than #1!Mr. is such a scofflaw! He needed a picture of himself on a train, so I indulged him... Fortunately, we didn't get caught!

This is the Galloping Goose - a very rare bird....

I love this big old yellow train... It looks like it's coming around the bend.

#1 is trying to not get eaten up by the snow blower. Run, #1!!
Ella is sitting on a bench in front of the museum. She is so patient!
It was fun and the perfect way to spent Christmas Eve morning. LLB is NOT a train buff. Rather than put up with our silliness, she decided to stay back with John and hack on the computer, play some video games and hit St*rb*cks! Let's just say that she was the warm one.

If you are ever in Denver, take the short drive to see this terrific museum!

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