Friday, July 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Well, I made the choice - I got the dark black/brown shelving unit for #1's room. It took us a while to get it put together and in place, but it is awesome! I can't wait for #1 to see it!
When Mr. got home last night, he went to check it out.
"WOW! He's going to love this! This is awesome!"
I knew I'd hit a home run because Mr. doesn't usually get overly excited about stuff like this. I usually get, "Oh, that's nice."

I have another issue which I'm handling, but I need to vent a little - heaven forbid I be accused of being a complainer on my own blog...

I got a call from LLB the other day. She is still at music camp. I took this picture last weekend as we left her. I think it really gives you a sense of who she is... Anyway, She had a really rough lesson. She couldn't hit anything. She was having trouble with the easy stuff. She was havin' what you call "A BAD Day". She mentioned to the teacher that she "must be tired or something". The teacher flipped out. He said, "What, do you have an excuse for everything?" LLB was floored. She hadn't said anything before that. Then he said, "You don't have a right to be tired!"
Had I been there I would have said to this teacher, "Honey, it's summer camp. The child has been away from home for a week and a half. She's been up late. She's been honking her brains out for hours a day. Not to mention that the campus is built on a hill and her dorm is on the top, the cafeteria is in the middle and the classrooms are at the bottom. I get winded thinking about walking around that campus! That said, she's the youngest and only female trumpet there. She's been working hard to keep up since she got here. Obviously your knickers are in a twist over something that has nothing to do with my kid - untwist 'em and be nice."
Needless to say, I wrote to the camp director. I'm waiting to hear from her. I don't think any teacher should belittle a student - ever - but especially at summer camp - a camp for which I paid huge dollars - and at an extra lesson for which I paid through the nose. This is my kid he squawked at... And this mama isn't too happy about that...

Rant over...
There... I feel better. Thanks for listening.

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