Saturday, July 11, 2009

Look what we got!!

We went to my new favorite grocery store yesterday... Yes, I know... we are SO boring.
Anyway, when we got there I noticed some patio furniture out front.
Patio furniture is VERY expensive and although we would love to have all kinds of it out on our deck, is just isn't something that we are willing to purchase - especially when we need 27 new windows and our carpeting is circa 1986.

We parked and sauntered up to the store. We were there for raspberry lambic and 2 cases of seltzer. We noticed that the patio furniture was on sale - I mean VERY on sale... like affordable to the point that we couldn't leave it there. We are bargain hunters and we know a good deal when we see one...

We ended up with this:

And a total of 8 of these (Gram and Grandpa purchased 4):

And the best part - we didn't break the bank. We spent less than the original cost of 1 chair for all of it.

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