Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The children are home.
They have been stretched and changed by their experiences as counselors at a camp for mentally disabled kids. They have stories - so many stories - some sweet, some funny.
They both want to go back.

When we arrived to pick them up we ran into one of the adult leaders of the camp. We asked how the week went. She asked if we were LLB and #1's parents. When we replied in the affirmative, she gushed about our children. She told us that they were wonderful kids who have a terrific relationship with each other. She noticed their similarities and their differences. (He's gregarious. She's a watcher - slower to warm up.) She told us that they were wonderful with the kids - patient, sweet, and fun. She couldn't say enough good things about them.

Yup, they are good kids.

My favorite story is this one:
LLB was sitting watch after the kids had been put to bed. She was outside the boy's cabin waiting for them to fall asleep. When they got loud, she said, "Boys. That's enough. Be quiet and go to sleep."
"Wow.. there's a girl out there. She sounds stern."
They'd quiet down for 5 minutes and start up again.
"Boys, go to sleep. Now."
"Ooooh. She IS stern."

Now that's funny!

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