Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We LOVE lobster.
We don't get it very often around here because the price is astronomical. We are from New England where we could get lobster at every grocery store and they would even steam it for you...
On July 3rd we were at our favorite not-so-local grocery store and they had lobster on sale for a relatively reasonable price. We purchased them and brought them home for an early Independence Day dinner.
Our lobsters were about 1 - 1.25 pounds each.

Some people we know will not purchase lobster because they don't want to drop them into the boiling water. Please - Call me! I'll do it. I only charge one lobster and a bowl of melted butter.

Needless to say, they were delicious! I may have to go back to see if they have them on sale again before the kids come home.

Last night, Gram and I were at Red Lobster. (I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.) While we were there a couple at a table a few rows down ordered two 4 pound lobsters!
Now, I'm a lobstah lovah, but I am not sure that I could finish a 4 pounder. They were HUGE! (Picture a lobster 4 times the size of the one up there!)
I watched that table with fascination - okay, so I stared...
As I watched, I noticed that the waitress was just standing there staring at this couple as they dismembered their meal. I said to Gram, "The waitress is just standing there staring at them. I think this is what you call Blog Fodder".
Gram turned around to see and sure enough the waitress was standing there watching with her mouth hanging open.
"Yup, she giggled, we'll be reading about this in the morning."

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