Monday, July 06, 2009

Getting My Act Together

Well, we got LLB off to camp yesterday. She's at a music camp and will be playing her trumpet every day for hours on end. Let's hope they challenge her and that she gets a lot out of it (because it was very expensive and had better be worth Mr.'s hard earned cash.)

She is at a college in a dorm room. It is really quite lovely.
The room she shares with her piano student roomie is huge as far as dorms go. The bathroom is right next door and she has a sink in her room. Life is good! The food in the cafeteria is yummy - we had lunch there yesterday to make sure the poor child wasn't going to starve... Her favorite part of lunch - the Jello. It's the little things... (I guess I don't make Jello enough... I probably haven't made jello in 5 years.)

Anyway, her friend, B is with her - they couldn't be roommates because B is a boy and boys and girls cannot room together. They spent some time hanging out yesterday - I learned this from B's dad who got a phone call yesterday... unlike myself who got nothing. At least we'll have information from someone. :-)

I send #1 off to camp on Thursday. He is currently enjoying his status as "only child". He is packed - for the most part. His trunk is in the middle of my craft room with the top open to receive anything we might toss in. I'm sure he's going to want snacks and goodies - We'll shop for those tomorrow.

Yesterday evening after we dropped LLB, I spent an hour shoveling out her room while her brother took charge of the TV remote. I ended up with three bags of trash for the dump and three bags of clothes and shoes for DP. (LLB and I had tossed everything that didn't fit into a basket while we were packing her trunk - see, I'm getting smarter! We had also organized her drawers during the packing process... It has only taken me 4 years to get to this point, but... better late than never, right?) I have some shelf cleaning and organizing that has to be done before I can dust, vacuum, and be finished in there. Part of the shelf cleaning involves putting her American Girl dolls away. That's going to take me a while because I need to dress them in their original outfits and put them back in their boxes - yes, I've kept it all. As much as I don't want to see these beautiful dolls be put away, it's time... The big question - do I ebay them or hang on to them? I have a couple that aren't made anymore... I could probably get some serious cash for them... But, I really don't want to part with them. What would you do?

Today I'm spending the day with a friend. She wants to learn how to scrapbook. She wants to make albums of her children's lives for them for Christmas gifts. I'm so pleased that she asked me to help her with this very special project. I'm digging out all of my scrapbooking tools and papers for her to play with - we are going to have a really fun day!

Once we get #1 to camp on Thursday, I'll shovel out his room. It shouldn't take long because he tends to be a little neater. He needs a new bookcase, so I think an IKEA trip is in order. I've got a piece in mind, so all I have to do is make sure it will fit and go get it.

So, I'm getting my act together one day at a time... By the time I get it all together, they'll be home from camp and I'll have to start over!

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