Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's time!

#1 is off to camp today. Yesterday - once he decided to get his rear out of bed and grace me with his presence - we went through his trunk to check that he has everything he needs for 12 days of singing, acting, hiking, and having fun. I had to make sure he packed the essentials - like a toothbrush, socks, silly string and glitter hair spray.

He has been chatting with his camp friends on line and the last 3 days have been pure torture! They all want to be up there chatting and having fun rather than having to make do via computer. He was up and moving bright and early today - 6:15am. He'll have that car packed and be ready to go hours before it's time to shove off...

I'm sure that when we arrive at camp, I'll get the quick hug, the cursory kiss on the cheek, and be told that "you can leave now". THAT is what his summer is all about - friends and fun without the 'rents.

We'll see him again at a performance on the 19th. By then he might be ready to give me a real hug...

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