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Look at What He's Done And You'll Agree – You're Going to Miss Trump When He's Gone

Democrat history-spinners will want to put an asterisk on Donald Trump’s presidency because of the frightening Capitol Building attack, which we learned almost immediately was pre-planned and would have been carried out regardless of what the president said on January 6th.

But if they do, they’ll get history wrong.

If there are any asterisks assigned, the venerated arc of justice will deposit one in the middle of Nancy Pelosi’s forehead. The Speaker, understandably outraged by the attack on the Capitol Building, instead of collecting the facts, rushed to judgment and blamed the president of the United States for fomenting a riot with a speech he was still delivering as the assault on the Capitol began.

Indeed, as I explained on PJ Media, the president said nothing that could be construed as inciting a riot.  And it bears noting that hundreds of thousands of the people at the Save America rally were not incited by the president to riot that day.

But Pelosi – citing the Constitution as her guide – recklessly rushed the House of Representatives into an impeachment that set a poisonous precedent for impeaching future presidents based on their constitutionally protected words rather than actual impeachable activities.

Donald Trump won’t get a gold star for comportment, manners, and speaking off-the-cuff, but the accomplishments of the 45th president are far more than smack-talk and bluster. Indeed, Trump can hold his head up and compare his accomplishments to any president, certainly of recent times.

This is a short list of his accomplishments. Get ready.

1. Selflessness

Despite knowing the booming economy would be his lasting legacy – with a 33.1% growth rate in Q-3 of 2020, why wouldn’t it be? –  Trump was forced to ride the brakes to save his countrymen from the Chinese coronavirus. The White House, under his direction, created a machine to respond to the virus, ramped up the creation of tools necessary to fight it, and then the “autocrat” devolved most of its implementation to the states where elected governors, who are closer to the people, could oversee it.

Then he and VP Mike Pence incentivized Big Pharma to get busy on a vaccine. The first one was created in nine months. Nobody’s ever done that before. Trump did that.

That “selfish” billionaire gave up time spent in his cushy New York and Palm Beach mansions to work for free in the White House.

2. God and Babies

Trump likes babies. He is the most pro-life president ever. Not only did he show up to the March for Life in person, becoming the first president to do that, but he restored the Mexico City accord that halts funding for abortions in other countries. He cut federal funding for abortion in the US. He did more than any president to stop abortions. He cut funding for the UN Commission on Population Control because it was funding “coercive abortions and forced sterilizations.” He protected religious adoption agencies from religious discrimination by government.

He gave pastors more freedom to speak on political issues from the pulpit by signing an Executive Order forbidding the Treasury Department to go after religious entities during his presidency for using their First Amendment rights on political speech, under the so-called Johnson Amendment. Trump fought for freedom of conscience exemptions for doctors and other medical professionals as well as for religious groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

3. Trump Loves America

After Critical-Race Theorist-in-Chief Obama it was a breath of fresh air to have a president who actually liked America and wanted to see it succeed and its people thrive.

Trump fought for American workers by renegotiating trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada and pulled out of Davos-inspired agreements that were gigantic money sucks on the U.S. taxpayers.

He reduced regulations that kick-started business activity and propelled the American economy to its best performance in years. He took 25,000 pages off the Federal Register, saving Americans $3,100 per year.

America saw its lowest unemployment rate in 50 years before COVID flatlined the economy. This included record-low unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics. Labor participation was the highest in years.

Trump gave people a second chance with the “First Step Act,” a criminal-justice reform program that sprung prisoners from unreasonably long sentences written, by the way, by his successor, Joe Biden.

Remember the horror stories of vets dying while on fake waiting lists to see doctors? Trump’s VA reorganization got rid of the liars and let Veterans pick their own doctors if they weren’t close to the VA.

4. Energy

Trump moved America to a net exporter of energy and by so doing made the country energy independent for the first time in 75 years.

He signed deals for energy pipelines, opened ANWR, and saved Americans money on energy. That made everything in everyday life cheaper.

5. Making Peace and Kicking Ass

Trump started no wars, for a change.

Trump and his team, especially Attorney General Bill Barr, stopped the Chinesefrom winning the crucial British 5-G technology that would have been a national security risk for the U.S. and the rest of the West. It was a move that put the nation on a technological war footing to prevent Chinese monitoring and surveillance by the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump began withdrawing troops and disengaging from both Syria and Afghanistan.

He took out the ISIS chief and reduced the terror group’s physical caliphate to roughly the size of your dad’s garage. OK, maybe a little larger.

President Trump put the Iranians on their heels when he took out the number one terrorist in the world’s number one terror state.

Trump’s “entitled” and “dumb” son-in-law did more to make peace in the Middle East than anyone since Jimmy Carter.

The Abraham Accords were the brokered peace deals between Israel and Arab-Muslim countries, including the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Sudan. Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo and their teams brokered a “normalization” deal between Morocco and Israel. Saudi Arabia and Mauritaniaare expected to follow on in the coming months. Let me repeat, Saudi Arabia is expected to follow on. Let’s hope it happens.

Kushner and company offered a deal to the Palestinians, but, of course, they said no, so Trump worked around them.

Trump moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, and told the world that the Israeli housing developments – “settlements” – in the West Bank are perfectly legal, so-leave-these-people-alone-already.

Trump yanked the U.S. out of the United Nations’ so-called Human Rights Council, which always managed to be overseen by despots who hated Israel.

6. The Law

Trump likes cops and doesn’t assume they’re cold-blooded killers awaiting the moment when they can murder another innocent, unarmed hapless citizen. This was a refreshing change from his predecessor. Trump sent federal cops to help out local police officers in Portland because he didn’t like rioters beating police, throwing rocks at them, lobbing bombs at them, shining lasers in their eyes to blind them, and trying to burn federal buildings.

Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also began a systematic seeding of the court system with more conservative judges in the federal courts. Between McConnell and Trump, they nominated and got through 230 federal judges and in so doing filled every appeals court vacancy for the first time in 40 years. Trump flipped the Second, Third, Eleventh Circuits to Republican majorities and began a huge overhaul of the most overturned appeals court in the land, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Trump’s accomplishments in one term are more than most presidents have in two.

You’re going to miss him when he’s gone.

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