Sunday, January 31, 2021

Life is precious!

 We had a busy day yesterday! We went to get Mr’s vaccine in the afternoon. Since the location was near Costco, we decided to make it a date! We had a great time! He got a shot while I ran and got the few things we needed and then we went to dinner. We ended up at Cracker Barrel - it wasn’t our first choice, but it wasn’t crowded and the food was great! In the end, we were glad we went there. 

On the way home, we were driving on a relatively straight 2 lane road with the speed limit of 45mph and double lines most of the way. There was a lot of traffic coming towards us in a double line section. We noticed a car coming towards us in our lane. We kept thinking he would scoot into his appropriate lane. I took my foot off the gas and applied the brakes - I slowed way down. He decided nobody would let him in, so he went off onto my shoulder... good thing I went straight and didn’t try to avoid him. I know we were being protected. I know my guardian angel was working overtime. I am most thankful!

Yes, we were a bit shaken. Did I stop? No. What was I going to do? Scream at him for being jerk? Tell him he needs to slow down? Tell him he needs to be patient? Tell him that the yellow lines are there for everyone? Let’s hope this serves as a lesson to that driver and those who witnessed this near catastrophe: yellow lines are for everyone - don’t be a jerk! 

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