Thursday, January 14, 2021

Thursday 13

 This week I will list 13 things - in no particular order - for which I am thankful this week

1. The wood stove that keeps our house warm.

2. Mr who keeps the wood supplied in the garage saving me multiple trips to the woodpile outside.

3. The infinite supply of kindling we pick up in the yard daily.

4. My children who check in with me frequently.

5. My DIL, Yellow Rose, who is holding it all together at home while #1 is deployed.

6. Mini - she is a great sleep aid! She purrs me to sleep every night. 

7. My friends L and C who turned me on to this diet/eating plan. I start the maintenance portion next week. 33 lbs gone! 

8. Fingers that still work and allow me to crochet and create things with yarn.

9. My Yeti - it keeps my water cold and makes it taste better so I drink more. 

10. Modern appliances that make my life so much easier and thus giving me time to create things.

11. Phone calls from old friends.

12. Warmer weather... yes, I know that there’s a lot of winter left...

13. A sit down lunch with Mr every day. We laugh, we chat, we connect. We love that time together. 

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