Wednesday, December 21, 2005

4 More Days!

Christmas fever has struck here at LadyBug Crossing. The children are so excited they can barely control themselves. I thought as they got older it would get better, but I was mistaken.

We are waiting for a few more UPS and USPS boxes sent by family members. Some will need to be wrapped, so the wrapping paper and tape is at the ready. The children are getting more and more curious about the plethora of boxes under the tree. We have a rule - no touching packages before Christmas Day. It's sick - I know - but I love to watch them just sit and look and wonder. Little LadyBug accidentally knocked over a package yesterday. It was a long skinny rectangular box. I asked her who it was for - knowing quite well who it was for. She grinned a big grin and said, "Me...but I put it right back". I asked if she shook it. "Oh, no!! I wouldn't do that!" I smiled... I asked her if she had any guesses. "I have no idea!" I knew she had no idea. The shape of the box matches nothing on her list. Aren't I a sneaky mommy?

Enjoy the day!


Leanne said...

Your house sounds a lot like ours! We have Disney Princess wrapping paper, and the girls are making sure that they each have the same amount of gifts wrapped in their princesses!

A few more days!!!

jenny said...

Hi there - found you through MommaK...we have the no touching the gifts till christmas too, which has been made easier by the fact that the gifts must now stay hidden because the dog will rip open anything he sees wrapped under the tree. I have no idea what goes on in that canine brain of his.

Oh and a few days ago you were looking for a snowman. THE snowman. Cuddly and soft with a felt hat and scarf. *ducks head*I've got him. He's exactly as you describe...made by Eden and purchased at Macy's in NYC about five years ago. That's all the help I can give you and I'd offer him up but he's a little bit stained. That and my five year old would Never Ever forgive me :)

jenny said...

Here's a link for one who looks just about the same:

Anonymous said...

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