Monday, December 12, 2005

The Countdown Begins!

We have one week before our Christmas guests arrive. As I look around my house, I see a million little things I need to do, about a hundred things I could do, a few that I should do, and a couple of things I just won't do. Maybe I won't turn the lights up and I'll use candles... I'm hoping that my dustbunnies are ignored, the trim painting I was supposed to get done last summer and didn't isn't too noticeable, and that my new sofa arrives. If the sofa arrives, the guests might be so enamored with an actual place to sit that much of our daily chaos may just go unnoticed. Do you think that your guests come to see your house or do they really come to see you?



Kimberly said...

Hopefully its us and not the dane-drool-stained carpet or the handprint-covered walls they come to see ;-)

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