Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I love Snow Days!

Yesterday was our first Snow Day of the year.

Most parents hate Snow Days right before Christmas, but I am worse than the kids - I love 'em! We snuggled up by the fire and watched the school closing list on TV. When I asked the offspring what they wanted to do for the day. They said they wanted to do their gingerbread house. Cool! One more Christmas Tradition knocked off the list and we aren't even into December's double digit days!!

I used to make the gingerbread house from scratch. I have matured. I go to the store and buy the kit. We proceeded to put our house together. Daughter Bug helped me with this part while #1 Son watched from afar. Did you know you are supposed to wait 30 minutes before attaching the roof to the sides? That's way too long. We don't wait well!

Piping the icing is usually a fiasco. This year, I splurged and got this decorator thing that squirts the icing out without any effort. No bag to squeeze. No icing everywhere. Nobody whining because they wanted the icing to come out one end of the bag and instead, it shot out the other into their hair. It was a very peaceful and amazingly clean icing adventure. The icing thing worked so well, that the children insisted they could do the whole house without my help. I love technology!

I hadn't had time to run out and supplement the candy that comes with the gingerbread house kit, so we used left over Easter and Halloween candy. We recycle - why waste perfectly good candy? We weren't going to eat it anyway, so why not glue it on a gingerbread house? I have to admit, I have never seen tootsie rolls or pastel lifesavers on a gingerbread house before, but they look pretty good. We probably have the only gingerbread house on the planet that doesn't have a candy cane on it somewhere!

A Snow Day isn't complete unless you go sledding. The offspring have new sleds this year. The sleds will work quite well as soon as we have enough snow to sled on. They worked ok but the grass poking through the snow slowed them down quite a bit. It is amazing how little snow needs to fall for them to cancel school. I love living in the South!

My favorite part of a snow day is nap time. The children don't nap. I do. I get to put my favorite show on TV and then sleep to it. Ahhh life is good!

Let it snow... Let it snow... Let it snow.


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