Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thirteen Things about LadyBug's Plans for 2006

1. Celebrate the New Year

2. Figure out how to get snowflakes to fall in my blog by next Christmas

3. Build an addition for the GrandBugs

4. Plan Little LadyBug's birthday celebration - This is her input - she's standing right here...

5. Develop many rolls of film

6. Sort the pictures

7. Catch up on the Scrapbooking

8. Do a Handbell Fundraiser for my Jr. High Handbells - we need 3 Octaves - that's about $7,500. Think we can raise that kind of money?

9. Watch another school year come to an end. This means I'll have two Middle School Students in my house. Oooh, I'm scared!

10. Celebrate the GrandBug's 50th Anniversary

11. Back to school shopping

12. Send the kids back to school - the same school for one year.

13. Get ready for Christmas and New Year's again...

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