Sunday, December 18, 2005

Time's Up!


I have less than one day left before our houseguests arrive!!

I'm not ready!

My slaves - oops-- I mean my children have vanished - they must know that I have a list of chores for each of them that rivals Santa's list in length.

My husband is on a cleaning binge. He loves to clean bathrooms! Thank God! He enjoys cleaning grout and making the tiles shine. He loves to make the toilets sparkle - even under the rim. I am so lucky. He cooks AND cleans bathrooms - who could ask for more?

My shower curtains are in the washer right this minute with enough hot water and bleach to clean Boston Harbor... I hope they come out white! My laundry pile - which yesterday was non-existant is now the size of Mount Everest. What happened? How many clothes can they wear? At least the room my guests will be staying in is all set - I did that yesterday. I just have to run the vaccuum and dust. I'd better get going!

Maybe I should ask Santa for a maid.



Uisce said...

I do most of the vacuuming in our house because Wifey hates it. I think she hates cleaning bathrooms, too, so maybe I should do that.

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