Friday, August 04, 2006


It's Friday!
We've had a good, but hot, week here. The children have had enough of me and are ready to go to nature camp next week.

Zeb has adjusted to life here quite well. He sleeps the night. He goes out to pee. He is happy to sit and be with you. He loves a nice walk. He's a lazy bum at heart. He has a favorite spot on the couch and loves a good nap -- at any time of day. I do so love this dog!!

The cats are slowly adjusting to life with Zeb. Marmalade has been so sweet! He walks slowly so that he won't startle Zeb. He greets Zeb whenever they go in our out. He puts up with being kissed - doggy kisses are wet!! Marmalade has really been trying. Angel, on the other hand, is much slower to warm up. She spent most of the week ensconced on LLB's dresser. If Zeb came into the room, her tail became a bottle brush and she hissed at the poor boy. This morning, she actually walked by the couch while Zeb was napping. This is really big!

The guys are here working. I think they are putting the last couple of cabinets in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. The painters left a light on last night and I have to say, the house looks really pretty when it's lit at night. (Okay, so it was one light, but it was really cool!!)

It is almost 9am and the children are still sleeping. I never thought I'd see the day! They were both early risers as babies. The latest they slept for years was 6am. They are both exhausted - they did a hip hop class last night and they worked really hard! They were both a dribble of sweat when they came out. Did they have fun? You bet!

I've got to get my rear in gear and get some things done. Mr. Bug is at the office and you know the old saying - While the cat's away...


Renee Nefe said...

Glad to see that Zeb has won over almost everyone. I'm sure that Angel will come around eventually. Worst case she just avoids him...and with cats that's not such a big deal.
You really found the perfect puppy there! And cute to boot.

Raggedy said...

I am glad Zeb is doing well. He is such a cutie..
Hip Hop eh? Really tires them out...they sleep past 6...taking notes here....
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huge huggles
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one