Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Reasons Why LadyBug Hasn't Posted Much This Week

1. Ebay - I am selling a lot of LLB's things this week.

2. I had a tea to attend.

3. I went for a walk with Mr. Bug.

4. I slept in until 7 when I had to get the children up and moving to catch the bus to camp.

5. Did I mention my Ebay stuff?

6. Zeb needed me to sit and watch Dr. Phil with him.

7. I had errands to run for the addition.

8. I went out to lunch with Mr. Bug. We had a real date and went to a real restaurant - not just pizza at Costco!!

9. Oh, yeah... my Ebay stuff... Mailing takes a long time... And, I need the money to pay for LLB's new things - which I did, BTW!!! I am SO excited about that!!

10. I cannot say laundry because my pile is HUGE!!

11. I did some bills... eeww, I know...

12. I had to go through some stuff with Grambug regarding the addition.

13. Oh - ummm... my Ebay stuff... It's almost all sold now, so I will be able to get back to all of you.
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Katherine said...

Congrats on the ebay sales! How was the tea? Did you have scones, clotted cream, little cakes, etc.?

K said...

Great list!! That reminds me, I have alot of things to list on eBay too!!

Have a great Thursday!! :)

Melzie said...

oh gosh- I'm never first! So exciting, LOL! I don't have a little girl *sniff* But do you sell other stuff? I am always going on ebay to look for what-evers. I'm expecting 2 packages today- WAHOOO! Paying bills.. UGH! Did that yesterday... :(

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Did you say Ebay Stuff?? Smile!! I think you just had a busy week. You are forgiven.

My TT is up of course!! But you may be on Ebay...Right???

Just D said...

LBC, I want to come and visit you! And then I want to raid all your Hanna's! I've got to jump on that ebay bandwagon at some point in time, I think I'm missing a humongous savings! Happy 13 darlin'!

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment last night, but Blogger wouldn't even let me pull up the comment section...or HaloScan.


Zeb needed to watch Dr. Phil with you? ;) LOL

eBay is very time consuming!