Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. #1 Son made the first cut for football yesterday. He's thrilled. I am happy for him. He is really doing great. (I had a funny feeling he'd be good at football - he's good at just about everything he tries.)

2. Final cuts are today.

3. Warning!! Rant!!! I don't like it when people in positions of leadership hurt my friends. I resent people who are too pig headed and stubborn to listen. I also can't stand people who have to have their fingers in everybody else's business. If someone volunteers to do something for you - and they are over the age of 20 - leave them alone and let them do it. Rant over...

4. I finished the newsletter and blog I do on a monthly basis for my newcomer's group.

5. I was asked to forward the completed newsletter to the president for final review - it seems last month there was a typo. There was a typo in this one, too! It was in the article she sent. ha.ha.ha She didn't catch it - my secret proofreader did. :-) Tee hee hee... that made my day!

6. I don't mind another set of eyes, but I mind the holier than thow attitude. It's irritating. (My secret proofreader is the best! I adore her! I hope she realizes how much I appreciate her efforts and her friendship.)

7. The scrapbooking group I have is supposed to meet today. I have no idea if anyone is coming.

8. I guess I should pick up my house a little bit in case someone shows, huh?

9. They put the handles on some of the cabinets in the kitchen yesterday. I have incredible taste! They look gorgeous!!

10. I was told that the final inspection on the addition would be on Friday. I'm not holding my breath...

11. The grab bars are up in the showers. They look great!!

12. Mr. Bug found a rug we used to have in our bedroom and it looks great in our new and improved office. It is slowly becoming flat. It has been rolled up for over 2 years now.

13. School starts Monday! Yippee!

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Lazy Daisy said...

Love the list...I argee with your mini rant...just because it's not the way you would do something doesn't nullify the work.

Congrats to your son ....are you ok with it?

Sounds like a busy fall....

Renee Nefe said...

I so love hearing the updates on your house...and I'm with LD on the rant.

MaR said...

Final cuts today??? keep us posted! and about the house too! Did the scrapbooking group show up?
happy TT :)

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Mine is not offically Thursday Thirteen...I used my blog today for Thursday Therapy since i think that I needed it this week. I can change it!! Yours was good. I figured that your son would make the team. I know he is thrilled!!
Good that you can use this format to RANT too!! I love it!! I hope you feel better...Take care...

craziequeen said...

Is it me, or is everything 'great' in the Crossing today? :-D

And you are right, you have fantastic taste!

My TT is up!

Anonymous said...

Great list!

I agree with your rant!

Happy TT!

Just D said...

got a pic of those cabinet handles? I'm amazed at how something as small as a cabinet handle or a light fixture can totally spice up a room! Happy 13 LB!

Anonymous said...

I dont like meddlers either. I am just hoping that the position I just was "voluteered" for, doesnt end up being that way.

Good luck with your house.

K said...

Totally agree with #6 and holier than thou attitudes!! Most annoying thing ever!

Hope you had a great Thursday!!

Kelly Curtis said...

Secret proofreader! That is a fantastic idea. And I SOOOO need one;)