Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. #1 Son's first football scrimage is today.

2. It is supposed to rain.

3. LLB is having her first trumpet playing test today. She did really well in practice last night. I'm sure she'll do fine.

4. We had "meet the 6th grade teachers" last night. It was fun to see them all again - #1 Son had them all when he was a 6th grader. We meet the 8th grade teachers next week.

5. LLB has 4 text books. Wanna guess how much they weigh?

6. We brought them home to cover them last night - completely forgetting that she had to get them back to school.

7. I helped her carry them back into the school this morning. I took 2. I think I may have pulled something... Advil anyone??

8. The builders are supposed to come and finish up the house today. I'm thinking that since it is 9:30, and they aren't here, they aren't coming. They are probably buttoning up some other jobs so that Ernesto doesn't drown them.

9. After I dropped the children at school today, I came home and went for a 2 mile walk. Aren't you impressed??

10. Zebbie and Mr. Bug came with me.

11. LLB has a project due Tuesday. She has to make a "Me Box" out of a cereal box. Yesterday we hunted down some pictures. She dug up a trophy. We will try to get most of it put together tomorrow after school.

12. I have my first teachers' meeting on Tuesday at 11:15. We go back on the 11th. That gives me more time to prep than I had last year!! Yippee...

13. Ahh... finally #13. I've run out of things to say. I must be hungry.

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Knitting Maniac said...

Hope you have good one!

Happy TT!

Jennifer said...

a 2 mile walk.. yes, very impressed. wish i had the gusto to do that every morning!
my tt is up too!

Anonymous said...

I took a 2-mile walk a couple of weekends ago and couldn't move for days. Good for you! Music playing tests always freaked me out as a youth.

Happy TT!

Renee Nefe said...

puppies are great for walking...glad that zebbie is doing his job. He's so cute.

Thanks for stopping by and helping me not make my calls...hee hee

Anonymous said...

You are a much smarter mommy than me. :) I never even thought about bringing the books home. I'm picking my #1 son up tomorrow, maybe he can bring his books home and cover them this weekend.

Two miles . . . VERY impressive. You may move closer to the blue birds just for being in shape! : )

Have a good day!

Mall Worker said...

Those text books really do weigh a ton! Its just insane that they expect children to cart them back and fourth from school!

Anonymous said...

1. Are you still against him playing or have you adapted to it?

5. A LOT, I'm guessing.

7. Ah they are heavy!

8. Always waiting on someone, aren't you?

9. Wow!

Anonymous said...

I hope it waits until after the game to rain! Have fun.

My TT is up too.

Heather Smith said...

Those textbooks weigh a TON! But I guess they have tons of info, so they couldn't really make the book smaller. Maybe there is something to this whole schoolbooks on the computer thing!

Just D said...

I've been away on vacation and I've missed so much on your blog! Gotta go catch up now... congrats to your son!

The Merry Rose said...

cute list - my mum must have had days like this with me and my bro - scarily is it nearly 20 years since i was in grade 6! good luck with it all.