Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crazy Pet Tricks

I have a brother-in-law who lives in the great white north. He's a cop - a big guy you wouldn't want to mess with. He's an animal lover to the nth degree. Since I've known him he's had cats, pythons, dogs, iguanas, hamsters, birds, and more. In the past it seemed BIL had a revolving pet door, but that stopped about 8 years ago when he settled down an built his house. He had dogs until recently and at the moment he has two mastiffs, a snake, an iguana, and some hamsters.

BIL is the consummate pet owner. He does everything possible to keep his pets in the lap of luxury. He put a light in the iguana tank a while back to keep the fellow warm. It seems that Mr. Iguana was taking a leisurely drink when the light fell into the water and sort of electrocuted Mr. Iguana. BIL was very upset and prepared to bury his scaly friend in the back yard. As he was preparing to ummm... dump him, Mr. Iguana woke up. Nothing like having your favorite reptile reincarnate! (I'm thinking he may have screamed like a girl.) BIL is obviously thrilled, but was a bit shaken by the whole incident.

The next day, BIL's hamster had babies - many babies. BIL didn't know that he should not touch the babies - why he did not know that, I don't know - even I know that! Anyway, he meant no harm, but he touched the babies. The mother then proceeded to eat the babies' heads off. BIL is now totally traumatized. So far he has almost electrocuted his iguana and caused the death of his hamster brood. What is next for this poor guy??

Along those pet lines, Mr. Bug had a life changing experience yesterday.

He arrived home from dropping the kids at school and pulled the car into the garage as he always does. He pushed the button to lower the garage door and then looked to make sure his car was in far enough - he likes more room in front of the car than behind. When he looked, he saw Marmalade standing under the door - yes the door was descending at a relatively slow rate. He called to Marmalade. Marmalade just stood there and smiled. "Hey, Dad!!"
"Marmalade, come on, you've got to move!!"
Marmalade does not move.
"Dad, I'm very happy right here. I'm half in and half out."
Mr. realizes that he's going to see LLB's favorite cat smooshed by the garage door. He leaps into action - his cape was in the wash so he didn't bother to change into his Super Dad suit.
He dives for the door. The cat still does not move.
Mr. lands on his stomach - arms outstretched - with his hands in fists to stop the door and make it go back up.
The cat is now feeling the door on his back but just shrinks down - he does not run. Super Dad is here to save him!
The door pops back up.
Marmalade looks at Mr. "Thanks, Dad."
Marmalade is fine.
"Marmalade, next time I tell you to move, you've got to do what I say, okay?"
"Hmmm... I'll think about it."
Marmalade then came inside and had a snack. He was not traumatized in the least.
I can't say the same for Mr. He was a bit shaken up.
I've got to get his Super Dad cape out of the dryer.


Dixie said...

How sweet!

Clearlykels said...

Oh goodness!! That is quite the adventure. Also, Poor BIL- Oh dear.

Jane said...

HOORAY for Mr. Amazing!! That is a great story. Too bad Marmalade is not aware how grateful he should be!

Lazy Daisy said...

I so do love the adventures of Marmalade! Hooray for Mr. Bug, super cape or not!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but laugh at the stories of your BIL. I would;ve freaked had the lizard came back alive while I was holding it too.

Melli said...

YAY YAY YAY! 3 Cheers for Super Dad!!! (poor thing...)

Joan said...

While BIL is one traumatized pet owner, Mr. Bug is one brave and heroic man! Good for him!!!

Dixie said...

You've been tagged! Come by and see!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness...poor cat!! And your BIL's story just cracked me up.

I hope all is better in your neck of the woods (and his).

:-) Susan