Saturday, June 16, 2007

#1 Cleans Up

Yesterday was a banner day for #1.

It was the last day of school and the long awaited awards ceremony.

We arrived early - very early. The ceremony started at 10:30 we arrived at 8:15. So? We wanted good seats! And, I had to help cut cake... and the parking situation was going to be hairy. What? I wanted a good spot in the parking lot, too!

Mr. set up shop in the gym while I went to cut cake. If you know my Mr., you know he can't just sit and read a book. He brought his PDA, his phone, and some real work and got down to business.

When I finally got to the gym to sit down, it was almost time for the show to start. The place was packed!! The 6th graders with siblings in the 8th grade were allowed to come and watch. LLB joined us and plunked herself between Mr. and Grandpa. Some parents showed up at 10:20 and ended up in the back of the room.

The kids processed in to Pomp and Circumstance while their names were read. It was very nice. #1 ended up on the end of the aisle right where we could see him.

They started with the awards right away. They had awards for all the subjects from Agriscience to Technology.

#1 got two for Drama - I knew about one of them, but two! Wow!! He got the best actor award. He also got the Thespian Honor medal for 100 hours of service. Then he got one for English - highest GPA. Geography was next - yup... he got one for highest GPA for that, too. Music - of course he got that one - he got it because he was Band Student of the Year for all 3 years. He also got one for Science - ummm... yup - highest GPA.

Then the big awards...
#1 got the best one!! He got the American Legion award. He got a medal - which I got to pin on him, a beautiful certificate, and $10 in gift certificates to our local ice cream shop. Yumm!!

I thought that would probably be the last award he got, but I was mistaken...

He got the Presidential Academic Excellence Award for the highest GPA - 4.0.

He got the Academic Achievement Award for 4.0 for all 3 years of middle school.

I'd say he cleaned up...
All that hard work paid off.
We are so proud of him!
Lets hope he keeps it up for the next 4 years...

3 comments: said...

Good for your Son! I know your son has worked hard for this award. I know you are soooo proud and you should be!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

My goodness. He got EVERYTHING!!

Dixie said...

Hot dang! Congrats #1!!