Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Feast

Name a funny habit you have.
I don't untie my shoes when I take them off and I leave them right where I take them off. This little habit drove my college roommate crazy.

If you could instantly know how to play a musical instrument, which one would you pick?
Sax or Piano

How long is your hair?
Shoulder length

Main Course
When was the last time you forgave someone, and who was it?
I forgive people all the time... those who cut me off in traffic, those who drive too slow, children who leave messes around...

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
Besides Mr? Oh... Hmm... I'd have to say my dishwasher or my mixmaster that I really wish was a red kitchen aid mixer.


Jane said...

I will have to agree with the dishwasher....couldn't live without it, well, I guess I could but I don't WANT to!!
My feast is served.

Clearlykels said...

Ha ha, I keep all of my shoes in my closet all of time, except for one pair of flip flops. This is why I live alone.... boys leave socks everywhere-- well, at least the boys in my family do. said...

I don't have a dishwasher (well,me of course)and would love one!!

Melli said...

I don't UNtie MY shoes either! WOW! I never thought it was a funny habit though! LOL! Hmmmm.... I guess it is!

Renee Nefe said...

I stopped untying (sp? who cares!) my shoes back when DD stopped bothering. I just got her the ones that don't even come with laces now.
I'll take piano
longer than my shoulders by an inch...but it's in layers
all the time here too...does forgiving myself count too? hee hee
most used & most loved...dishwasher & microwave.

how bout a post sleepover wrapup?