Friday, June 29, 2007

What to do???

I want to go to my Jazzercise class this morning. I'm getting back into shape and as a friend told me the other day, I'm dwindling... I hope that means I'm looking thinner.

I really need to pack the children for camp. They leave on Sunday. Yes, it's going to be a week at home alone for the parents. What WILL we do??

Mr. and Grambug wanted me to go to Costco today. I declined with the statement that I really needed to get the children packed. (Mr. and I can hit Costco on the way back from dropping the children at camp.) Besides, the last two times I went to Costco the only joy I got was the free snacks. I usually treat myself to a very berry smoothie -- they didn't have any! Do you know how disappointing that was for me?? I was crushed! The lack of smoothies two times in a row was not good for my Costco psyche.

So, after I declined that exciting offer, I got an email from a friend I haven't seen in a LONG time. She wants to meet for lunch. You know, lunch sounds so much better than chores.

So I thought to myself, "LBC, you can do it all before Mr. gets home from work at 2:3o or 3... You are superwoman. You can do the laundry, pack the kids, get to class and have lunch. Whatever you don't get done before you leave, you can finish when you get back or gee... Even better... you can make the children to do it. That will work."

So, I got up and started the laundry early early this morning. Guess what?! I'm almost finished!!

Okay, so, I thought I could do it all until Mr. told me - on his way out the door at 6am - that he'd be home at noon. NOON?!?! Where did that come from??? I can't pack two children, go to a morning Jazzercise class, have lunch, AND get home before noon. Before 2 maybe, but noon??
If I can, at least, get the laundry and packing done, I won't feel TOO guilty about not being here when he gets home...
Hmm..... Maybe he'll be late...


Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Have fun at lunch. Leave Mr. a note of all the things he can do since he came home early.LOL

-If I double posted sorry - I'm not sure what I was doing earlier. LOL said...

Well I sure hope you got it all done!!! If not, it will be there waiting when you get back!! Grams