Monday, June 18, 2007

Messy Mahvin strikes again...

My house is a disaster!

I swear Messy Mahvin came by when I was out and had a field day! Zebbie must have had a brain fart let him in.

I've got socks strewn from one end of the house to the other. While I was following the dirty sock road hoping to find the wizard, I discovered piles of school papers, a gazillion pens and pencils in various states of functionality, a few dozen scraps of paper, and a laundry pile the size of Mount Everest. I had no idea Mahvin's mess making skills had been so perfected. He must have received an award at Messy School for most improved.

Yesterday, I kinda lost it. I made two piles by the front door - an LLB pile and a #1 pile. I rounded up all the stuff that Mahvin had left for me - because you and I both know that the children didn't make those messes... So anyway, I went through the house and collected their stuff. When the piles were suitably large, I called them downstairs and told them that I didn't care how they disposed of their piles, I just wanted them gone.

I gave them some options. They could put it all away, they could put it all in the trash, they could burn it in the fire pit, they could even phone a friend for a life line... the only thing they couldn't do was leave it by the front door.

Mahvin was unavailable to help clean up. The children were not amused! Did they really think Mahvin was going to stay to help clean up???


Dixie said...

I'm going to be that mom. You know the one, the one who throws whatever she finds in the floor, in the trash.

Actually, I've already started doing it.

craziequeen said...

So - did they tidy it, burn it, trash it or leave it by the door.......



Anonymous said...

Housework? I'm allergic to this post... ;)