Friday, September 21, 2007

The Black Hole...

There's got to be a black hole following LLB around.

The conversation this morning goes like this:
LLB, where is your new red fleece jacket?
Which one?
The red Lands End marinac jacket. The one I bought you last spring. The one you loved oh so much.
Oh. I remember that one. Um... I dunno.
You are going to need it for tonight.
She disappears for 31 seconds.
I haven't seen it. It's not in my closet.
Oh... where do you think it might be?
Ummm... I dunno. Can you find it?

Who am I? The jacket fairy?? I'll snap my fingers and see what happens.
Nothing... Nada...
Snap snap snap...

Fast forward an hour.
I've been through her closet. I found a ton of clothes on the floor. Some she's been looking for...
I've been through her drawers.
I'm still snapping... I'm getting nothing.
I've been through my closet.
I've been through #1's closet - where I found his brand new jacket with the tags still on it balled up in a corner. Do these children have no idea what a hangar might be or how to use one?
I've been through the coat rack.
My fingers are getting raw now. Maybe I need a wand.
I don't have a basement and I don't put clothes in the attic.

Any ideas? Anything, people?

Have any of you seen it??

You know, I didn't pay much for that jacket, but I loved the color on her. It was a true bargain like less than $10... I'm thinkin' it is GONE. UGH!!!

So far this year we are down a jacket, a lunch box, and a protractor...
That black hole better cough some of this stuff back - and it better do it soon - this snapping isn't workin'.


Unknown said...

LadyBug, that's how I lose my jackets. I'll wear them in the Spring, the day may warm up and I don't need a jacket anymore. I don't realize I've left it behind. The weather after that day is beautiful and I don't need a coat anymore till Fall. I look for my coat when the weather gets chilly and the coat has disappeared, into a lost & found box somewhere I've been in the spring. It happens to me too often.

MaR said...

We don't have a black hole. Oh, no: we've got the whole Bermuda triangle (we are a family of 3...)