Monday, September 17, 2007


Oh how I LOVE furniture. I found this new site - it's actually 3 sites - full of furniture. It has all kinds of furniture and the prices are pretty good. They happen to be having a sale on some of it at the moment, so if you need some...head on over and check it out.

Here are the web addresses for you:
home furniture:

Home Office Furniture:

living room furniture:

Need teen bedroom furniture? Check it out!!
I don't really need any teen bedroom furniture, but they sure have a good selection.

Since the next room we re-do will probably be our bedroom, I'm surfing that part of the site. I don't need a bed, but I like to see what they do for decorating. I am partial to this espresso poster bed... I just love that color and the sleek lines.

If you are in need of a comfy recliner or couch... you might want to head on over to the game room section. They have some really nice looking recliners over there. They have leather sofas, and sleepers, too. Not that we really want our guests to be too comfortable.. they might actually enjoy their stay.

I saw some nifty looking bars and bar stools. I like to perch on my stools here at The Crossing, but mine are nowhere near as cool as the ones I saw...

There is one other thing you should know. They ship for FREE!!! That's FREE... like in $0. You know how I am about a bargain... If you have any questions, they also have the chat with the rep thingy so you can get all your questions answered before you buy. I love those chat with the rep things. I always get a warm fuzzy with that option. It makes me feel like they actually might care about their customers. They also have a hassle free return policy. I'm not one to return furniture, but you never know... This option might just come in handy.

So, my friends, check it out. Give this web site a look see if you are in the need of some furniture.

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