Monday, September 17, 2007

A new place to visit

I just found a new blogger to me - Karl.

He's pretty inspiring - check him out at Karl's blog. I'll wait.

Karl Moore - that's his whole name - is a best-selling author and entrepreneur. He is a code guy, but he seems relatively normal! I know! That's amazing!! He posts inspirational messages to his blog every day. He wants to inspire and help people. On Mondays he posts a "Random Act of Kindness" and on a Fridays, he posts a "Friday Factoid." I liked the latest factoid because it was about my favorite beverage - beer. I have to say that his blog posts are soothing and sweet. It's just plain old nice reading.

The other thing I am enjoying about Karl is his Jazz radio station that I can listen to on line. It's called Sax FM. My #1 plays sax, so I wanted to hear what this radio station was playing. Needless to say, I'm impressed.

If you have a chance - go visit. He's cool.

1 comment:

Shortie said...

I'll have to check him out!

I miss you.