Sunday, September 02, 2007

Koons Hunting

Let me be clear - I'm a Honda girl. I treat my Honda well and it treats me well. We have an understanding. I take it for service and it starts every time and runs until I turn it off.

Our CRV needed an oil change and an inspection sticker, so 3 weeks ago Mr. made a 10am appointment at Koons. He chose Sept. 1 because our sticker needs to be replaced in September and we had a coupon for a free oil change. We can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and save cash while we do it.

When we made the appointment at Koons we were thrilled to think we scored a 10am appointment on a Saturday.

We arrive at 10. The place is buzzing.
We pull the car up into the reception bay and turn it off.
We wait.
We get our stuff together and decide to get out and wait by the desk on the curb.
We wait.
The female Service Rep. comes over and checks us in. She has our reservation.
We ask her how long she thinks this will take.
Well, you won't have your car back before noon.
Huh? We have a 10 am appointment.
Sorry, we're busy today.
Why did we make an appointment if the time isn't going to be honored? We made this appointment 3 weeks ago.
Sorry. It's Saturday.
Mr. opens his mouth to speak but I'm too fast for him.
We're here. I need the oil changed - besides it's the last day for the coupon and I'm totally cheap.
I sigh and drag Mr. to McDo across the street for a snack.
Food will make it all better... or so I thought.
We go back to the waiting area at 10:45.
It's cold. Actually, it's freezing. I can see my breath.
I find my Service Rep. at her desk. I wait for her to finish what she's doing and turn to me.
Hi. I'm sorry to bother you. I was wondering if my car had been started yet. It's cold in the waiting room and if my car is in being serviced, I'll put up with it, but if my car is still on the lot, I'd like to fetch my jacket.
She sighs. I'm in this computer screen and I can't tell.
I say nothing, stare at her, and wait.
She sighs and changes the screen.
No, your car is still on the lot.
I'd like to get my jacket. Can you tell me where my car is?
She sighs again. (This is getting a wee bit irritating... Aren't I the one being inconvenienced here?)
She calls a guy over and tells him to bring my car around.
I follow him out and explain that I really just want to fetch my jacket.
He shows me to my car. He is shocked to see it has been left unlocked. He tsk tsks about it being open. He is not happy that it was left unlocked - neither am I.
I get my jacket and he locks my car.
At noon the Service Rep comes into the ice box - ummm I mean the waiting room.
Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug, your car has just been brought into the service bay.
At 12:30 she comes back and proceeds to tell me that the oil change is done and that the car passed inspection with flying colors. She also says she wants almost $500 for the 90k mile check.
Not today. We don't have any more time to wait.
Just please get us our car.
Mr. and I collect our things and go out to the cashier.
The Service Rep. hands us our paperwork.
Mr. explains to the Service Rep that when you make a 10am appointment, you expect to be taken at 10am, not at noon. Had they seen us right at 10, they probably would have been the $490 richer as we would have done the 90k check/fluid replacements and such.
She is not impressed. She tells us it is like this all the time.
Mr. explains that we drive many miles to have our car serviced there and since they are supposedly "into" customer service, they should honor the appointment times. He reminds her that we could go to "Jiffy Lube for half the cost and a quarter of the wait time.
Again, she is not impressed.
We turn in our coupon and pay for our inspection.
They have the nerve to hand us a Customer Quality Service Survey.
(Oh - I'll fill that out for you, Honey! You won't like what it says, but I'm very happy to fill it out for you -- and shove it up your tailpipe!!)
We head out to the reception bay for our car.
We wait... another 10 min.
We are getting really annoyed... Yup that's a nice way to say it.
I'm planning my "nasty letter" to Koons and this post in my head while I wait...
They pull my car in behind some idiot who pulled into the bay the wrong way.
I expect the guy to turn off my car and immediately drive away in the one that is now blocking my egress.
I move my seat and as I check the rear view mirror I see him walk in the opposite direction.
Now I am flaming mad!!
Mr. hasn't seen me this annoyed in quite some time.
He is nervous.
What are you doing? Where are you going? he calls as I blast out of the driver's seat.
I'm going to make some waves! I've had enough!
I find a male Service Rep who has taken care of my car in the past.
I take a deep breath. He knows I am seething. I very carefully say:
Hi. I don't mean to be a royal pain, but I am 2.5 hours behind because that's how long I had to wait for a simple oil change. That red Pilot is blocking my way. Can you please have someone move it. NOW.?
I attempt a grin. I'm sure I looked like a raving lunatic! I know my eye was starting to twitch, too.
As I got back in, Mr. checked to see if they were dialing 911 to report a fire breathing, eye twitching, lunatic woman.
I buckled my belt and looked through the windshield. Well, I tried to look through the windshield. The last straw -- the very last straw was that they didn't bother to wash my car!
I just about blew a gasket!
Mr. - They didn't wash my car! I sputter.
He looks up. He doesn't say anything coherent, but I know he's none too happy.
I mentally add that little item to my "nasty letter checklist".

The service guy ran - yes ran - out and moved that Pilot himself. I'm sure he thought I might drive right over it. What I really wanted to do was sit on my horn and let it rip... But, I'm sensible. I just penned a lovely little nasty-gram and immediately sent it off to the Service Manager upon arriving at home.

We'll see if Koons really cares about their customers.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ya see, the customer is never right.

Except when she's steaming, like, say, you.

Unknown said...

Rough morning, I hope the rest of the day is better. Is Jiffy Lube looking better now?