Sunday, September 16, 2007



My children are both musicians. They are both required to have Smartmusic. This, in itself is fine. The cost is relatively reasonable - $25 per year.

Fast forward... I order the software.
I discover that since I have a Mac, I need the microphone and USB cable. So much for $25...
The total comes to $75.

Fast forward... the software arrives.
I open it and try to install.
What happens?
NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.
I do a little research.
It seems my sweet Mac has OS 10.3.9
Smartmusic only works on 10.4 or higher.

I'm ready to lose it. This just isn't fair!
I need another $129 to upgrade my OS to 10.4

Basically this sux... it sucks dollars out of my already moth infested wallet...

What have I done about it besides whine to all of you?
I emailed Smartmusic and told them I'd like an older version... One that works with my OS 10.3.9. Think they might give it to me?

UPDATE: Smartmusic was wonderful! They are sending me the older version!! Yippeee!!!!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I sure hope so. All those new versions are often just like new cars -- same as last year but with a new price.

Unknown said...

If they do they will probably tell that it is unsupported.