Saturday, October 27, 2007

Identity Theft

I can't stand people who steal lunch money.
I really can't stand people who steal my lunch money.
A tough girl tried to steal my lunch money on my first day in 7th grade, but Lucy Iocco told her to leave me alone. Lucy, who I didn't even know before that moment, has always had a very special place in my heart.

I need Lucy back!

#1 is in high school. He brings his lunch 4 days and buys on Friday. I fill his account with my credit card through Lunch Money dot com. The kids purchase their lunch by typing in their student ID numbers into this computer thingy and the money is deducted from their accounts.

That sounds lovely until someone uses $100+ of my money to purchase breakfast and 3 lunches a day for 10 days. That someone wasn't my #1. My #1 eats his lunch - that he brought from home - real quick and goes to the library. He also has lunch during 4th lunch, not first lunch. Some little thug was using his number during 1st lunch and again at the end of 4th lunch. Why wasn't said thug in class?

This Wednesday was #1's birthday. He asked to buy lunch that day and I let him. They asked for his ID. How do I know this? He mentioned it when he got in the car that afternoon. They have never asked for his ID before.

It seems they may have suddenly realized that his number was being used more than once on Wednesday. Hmmm.. aren't they supposed to show ID every time they make a purchase?? Where were they the other 10 days??

I caught the charge to my account on Wednesday night when another $50 charge popped up. He hadn't even purchased 2 lunches yet!! I called School Nutrition on Thursday. They put a flag on the account to ask for ID. Gee.. Thanks, but it's a little late now, don't cha think?

School Nutrition sent me a copy of all the charges on the account. The first 3 weeks of school were correct. Lunch on Fridays. The paper shows that I filled the account in October and BOOM! All heck broke loose. Some kid was mighty hungry... This kid was eating a huge breakfast every morning. And then 3 lunches every day with extra desserts and fries.

We have spoken with #1. He has no idea who might have his number. But, he has decided to bring his lunch until it is all squared away. As of yesterday, there have been no more charges.

I am hoping to get my money back. I'll let you know how it goes. But, right now, I'm not happy.


Clearlykels said...

Seriously? That is ridiculous.

Identity theft in highschool-- wow.


Susan said...

Oh my goodness. In our system, they give their number and their name...I'd think someone would start to notice even in a large high school.

I hope they catch that kid and they make it right for yours.



Unknown said...

Wow, that is awful...hate to think that kids are already figuring out how to scam. Hope you are able to get some restitution and they find the kid using the they ask for the ID after the number? Otherwise they will tip the kid off.