Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's time to Pahtay!

Tonight is our Christmas Party.

I've picked up most of the clutter.
I've put stuff in the attic.
I've even dusted... although, I probably need to do it again.
I need to make the meatballs and the corn dip this afternoon.
I've cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom and I'll have to do it again before the party starts - it's just the way it is...
My laundry is almost done - The children will be busy putting all their clothes away in a little while - child labor is wonderful!
The vacuuming is going to happen as soon as the kids are up and moving. I'll do that while they put their things away and pick up their rooms.
The presents and gifts for the party guests are wrapped and ready to go.
The wine and beer are chilling in the garage.
The music stands are put together and ready to go.
The instruments are out.
The plates and cups are ready to be put on the tables...

Come this evening, what is done is done and what is not doesn't matter. It's time to relax and have some serious fun!

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