Friday, December 19, 2008

The Light

At the end of the tunnel... I can see it. And I sure hope it isn't a train.

Today is Friday.

I'm learning how to make toffee this morning. I'll arrive at Laura's with my pound of butter, 3 bars of chocolate, 2 cups of sugar, and a small token of my appreciation. Hopefully, I will be a good student and this stuff will be edible... If not, my sister will just have to smile sweetly and thank me profusely for my efforts while she quietly drops it into the trash can or re-gifts it to her in-laws. (just kidding)

This afternoon, I have a house to clean, laundry to do, a band concert to attend, and a dance to chaperone. Oh and a trumpet lesson to drive to as well as a swim meet to watch.

Tomorrow evening we are having our annual Pot Luck Open House. If you didn't get an invitation, just show up. If you did get an invitation, and you didn't RSVP, just show up. If you play an instrument, bring it - we're playing and singing Christmas carols. Have a house guest or two - bring them, too! But, do me a favor... I've been kinda busy lately... if you arrive and the lights are low and the candles are lit, you'll remember not to look to closely as you might see a few cobwebs or some dust. Just focus on the beauty that is my Christmas tree. Besides, after one glass of wine, you won't care about my dust and after two, you won't be able to see it anyway.

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