Monday, March 02, 2009

Current - By Discover

Discover - it's my favorite credit card company.
My discover card has a ladybug on it. (Need I say more?)

Anyway, Discover has come up with a new and innovative product - Current - It's designed for teens but tailored for parents! It's a way to give your teenager a "credit card" to learn how to manage money, BUT allow the parents control the spending. Check it out! It's actually one card for everything:
  • You can use the card for purchases big and small
  • Earn online and in-store discounts at thousands of stores and restaurants nationwide
  • Get cash when you need it at the ATM - 4 free withdrawals per month!
Parents have control...
  • You decide how much your teen can spend
  • Restrict shopping in categories like ATMs, hotels, tobacco stores, liquor stores, and more
  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits - This is my favorite!!
  • Monitor purchases online, or receive email or text message alerts
  • Add funds from your checking, savings account or direct deposit or even your own credit card.
Teenagers need to learn how to manage their money. They need to learn how to save and how to spend (although, sometimes I think they have the spending thing down pretty well!!)
  • Teens can access tools and tutorials that help them learn to spend smarter
  • Teens can directly deposit their own paychecks - it is certainly harder to spend your own hard earned cash!
Discover is there:
  • $0 liability guarantee means that we'll reimburse 100% of any fraudulent charges made with your teen's card
  • Disable a card if it's lost, and easily enable it when found
  • Because it's not a credit card, there will be no effect on you or your teen's credit history
Oh - and since we Discovercard users get to choose what our cards look like, the Current users do to! They have 7 wicked cool choices!

If you think this card is perfect for your family - sign up!
Need more information? Check out the FAQ.

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