Sunday, March 01, 2009

Drum and Bugle Corps

LLB has been invited to become a member of a new Drum and Bugle Corps - her first rehearsal is tomorrow. She will be playing for hours and she couldn't be happier - well, if she could actually breathe, then she might be a wee bit happier...
The poor kid is so stuffed up that she decided to skip the Battle of the Books competition she was scheduled to be at today. You have to know that she felt simply awful if she decided to stay home in her bed instead of hanging out with all her friends (to answer questions about the books they all read - how nerdy is that?).
This afternoon we gave her trumpet a bath in preparation for tomorrow. (Trust me. It needed it!)
Her trumpet is clean and disinfected, her valves are oiled, and her slides are greased.
Now, if we can just get her sinuses to drain and her ears clear out...

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