Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Bell Lost

When we were at the bell event on Saturday, I opened the cases to take the bells out and there was an imposter in there. It looked like a C#, it sounded like a C#, but it wasn't my brand new Schullie C#.

The label on the imposter's handle said PUMC. I brought the little bugger home and made some calls. It appears that C# belongs to my dear friend Ann who has located my sweet C# in her case. I think these impy C#s were attempting to pull a "Parent Trap", but WE can tell them apart. Their handles and disks are completely different. Silly C#s.

So, since the little PUMC# has nothing better to do, I figured I'd give her a taste of life in the country. She's sat on our counter and become part of the family. She's done laundry and dishes. She's made cookies and tacos. She's fed the dog and been rubbed on by the cats. She's had a real fun time riding in the car. She's been to school, the winery, the ice cream place, our favorite local burger joint, the dump, the high school track practice, the honor society meeting, and more. I even dressed her up in a lovely plaid ribbon. What a life!!

She's getting a little homesick and has requested to be reunited with the rest of her set ASAP. She will get her wish tomorrow evening when her siblings arrive in Richmond for the Area III Festival. She and I'll be heading down in the afternoon - I've got things to do and She is going to help me. We going to stuff packets at the registration table, put signs up, and generally help where ever we are needed until her family arrives.

I am ready to have my own sweet C# returned. I'm sure she's had quite a time and I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful things she did while she was away. Alas, her vacation is over. The school kids miss her terribly - the imposter is okay, but her handle doesn't feel the same in their hands and she just isn't as cute and shiny as their own. You know?

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