Sunday, March 22, 2009

Listerine Total Care

I was asked to review this new Listerine Total Care by Johnson's and Mom Central.
I can't say enough wonderful things about this stuff.

When I opened the box I saw this new purple mouthwash. I'm not one to gravitate toward anything purple, but this stuff has made me a purple lover! Mr. is pretty fussy about his mouthwash and he thinks Listerine Total Care is wonderful, too! He put it on our shopping list and is on the prowl for the giant sized bottle.

Listerine Total Care has 6 benefits in one swish -
* Helps Prevent Cavities
* Restores Minerals to Enamel
* Strengthens Teeth
* Kills Bad Breath Germs
* Freshens Breath
* Fights Unsightly Plaque Above the Gum Line

The original Listerine was always too spicy for me, but not this new Total Care. This stuff is great! It isn't too spicy - you can swish for the requisite minute and still have tastebuds when you are finished.

This wonderful stuff kept my mouth fresher over night. I didn't have that filmy residue on my teeth in the morning. THAT is enough to make me buy this stuff and not wait for a sale. That said, you don't have to wait for a sale! Head on over to and get yourself a $2.00 off coupon.

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