Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zebbie's New Scent

Zebbie is into scents... all kinds...
He sniffs everything - and I mean everything from rugs, to shoes, to plants, to mailboxes, to rocks, to blades of grass. You name it he sniffs it.
If he finds something he'd like to try out - like you and I do at the perfume counter at Macy's - instead of asking for a squirt of the scent on a card or a quick spritz on the wrist, he rolls in it.
Yesterday I was trying to get out of here in time to make it to Richmond for noon. Sounds simple enough... get the kids off to school, pack an overnight bag, get Mr. out the door for 9, pick up the kitchen and swap the wash on the way out the door.
It wasn't that simple.
Zeb requested to be let out at 9. At 9:25am he returned.
He stunk! And I'm not talking about eau de cologne spray here... I'm talking about Eau de Bear Sheet. Eau de Bear Sheet has an indescribable scent... kinda like a septic tank. He had bear sheet everywhere to go along with the smell. I assume he really loved this new scent. He had bear sheet under his chin and along his neck - yes, I know that's where most people put their cologne... But this was chunky and brown and yucky!
Can I tell you how disgusting it was to wipe off said bear sheet? It was so disgusting that I threw him in the tub and gave him a bath. He was not impressed with his bath at all, but I didn't much care. I could not have him rubbing that crap all over my house while I was gone!
After his bath, he tried to rub off the scent of Suave shampoo on his towel.. It didn't work. He still smells great. And his hair is shiny, too!
Eau de Bear Sheet is definitely off the list.

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